Crawl Space Mold Remediation

Performing crawl space mold remediation.  The first and foremost recommendation is that mold should not be treated or removed from a crawl space unless a drainage or encapsulation system is part of the work. Otherwise, new mold can grow in the future because of continued high levels of moisture in the crawlspace.

crawl space mold removal

Crawl Space Mold

There are three main strategies to dealing with crawl space mold those are as follows:

  • Kill the Crawl Space Mold
  • Leave the Crawl Space Mold in place
  • Kill the Crawl Space Mold

Physically Remove the Mold

Complete mold remediation may be best suited for homeowners with moderate to high levels of mold growth, homeowners with severe mold allergy or asthma problems, and a home for sale that is contingent on mold removal.

It is often difficult to deal with crawl space mold remediation. Crawl spaces have large surface areas of wood framing that are often very difficult to treat or clean.

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